Monday, April 9, 2012

BEST Scooter for a Tall Person

BEST Scooter for a Tall Rider

If you are over 6’ tall you know that a lot of things just don’t fit.  Most products are designed for the ‘average’ size person.   If you are looking for a mobility scooter you’ll find that some of them are really too small for you.  The seat may not rise up high enough so your knees stick out, or your center of gravity is so much higher that the small scooter doesn’t really feel stable.  A four wheel scooter may work better for you.  As less expensive scooters are being made overseas, they are getting smaller and smaller in an attempt to produce a less expensive product.  A person may not realize by looking at a picture or even in a quick test drive that the scooter doesn't really fit them.   I remember my father, Ray, driving around in his new little travel scooter a bit before realizing that he had to stick his knees out to the side so that his feet would fit on the platform.  His little scooter, which had seemed like such a bargain, didn't last long.    
This is what you should look for if you’re a tall person (look at the ‘specifications’) 
·       Seat-to-deck - at least 20” which is about right for a 6’ individual so your feet are comfortably flat on the deck.  Many scooters seat-to-deck measurements only go up as high as 18”-19”.   If it’s too small your knees are in the air or out the sides…  For reference the average dining room chair is 18” from seat to floor.
·       Consider a power seat, which brings the seat up even higher, but can easily go lower too.  These add 5-7” variable height.  The power seat lets you lower your seat to fit under the table, raise it to reach something or even as an aid for standing.
Lenght:  Overall scooter length at least 46” or as long as possible for more leg room.  The one we recommend is 48”.  Most scooters are 44” to 46” in length. You don’t want your knees to hit the handles either.  (Some scooters have a tilt-able handle which helps with this as well.)
High Quality:  A high quality product will last much longer and some are nearly indestructible!    Look for an American-Designed, good quality, durable, easy to maintain product.  (eg. Amigo, Ranger, PaceSaver and some Pride products are US made)   
Stability:  A four wheel scooter provides more stability for taller riders but often sacrifices maneuverability. 
·       Check out the Turning Radius specifications.  The smaller the better.  There are some 4 wheel scooters that rival the 3 wheel variety.
·       You’ll definitely want better than average Ground Clearance. Look for at least 3”.  Important for taller/heavier than average people.  There’s nothing more frustrating than getting high centered.
Adequate Power:   
·       Look at the Battery Range (miles per charge)
·       The Speed (say 5 mph) specifications will also give you an idea of the scooters power.
·       It’s important to get a scooter with adequate Weight Capacity.  We recommend you get a scooter with a weight capacity of at least 50 pounds more than you weigh.  This will affect the scooter’s power performance and you don’t want to be near it’s designed limits.
Transportability:  How will you move it around?  Do you need an automobile lift?  Can you take it apart and put it in your trunk?  If so you’ll want to look at the spec for the weight of the heaviest piece and consider how you will use your scooter.

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